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Inspired by the Beatles: An Art Quilt Challenge

A challenge results
in an adventure ...

On February 9, 1964 The Beatles had their first appearance in the USA at the Site in English Ed Sullivan Show. Two days later they performed the legendary first Site in English concert at the Washington Coliseum. These 35 (!) minutes changed the US world of music abruptly!

149 Quilters from USA and Canada (and one from Germany ...) remembered this event and the time of Beatlemania and picked up the suggestion from Donna DeSoto to choose a song and sew a quilt. All projects are 60 x 60 cm in size, but as different as you can imagine! Naturalistic, abstract, humorous, graphically ... executed in all possible techniques. Of course, I pieced on paper, what else!

The exhibition of 150 art quilts will travel for two years to quilt festivals in the United States. Grand opening will be at the famous quilt festival in Houston, Texas, at the end of October. We all feel honored!

Inspired by the Beatles:
An Art Quilt Challenge
by Donna DeSoto


But there is more: Donna DeSoto wrote a book about the quilts. It will be published by Schiffer Publishing soon. From the blurb:
This book is a great resource for both art quilters and music lovers and a wonderful keepsake for the Beatles fan.

Donna Marcinkowski DeSoto names herself a "collector of quilters" as she is gathering more than 50 quilters in an open quilting bee each Monday morning.

To see more information about the challenge, my quilt and the book to site look here.

Here are the latest news in short:


My Beatles quilt and the book on the project

More about the project, my quilt and the book is told on an extra page.

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Rock And Roll Music

My Beatles quilt: "Rock and Roll Music"

To me there was just one refrain line important: "If you wanna dance with me" because Rock'n Roll and dancing - to me the two belong together and inspired my design.

Want to see it? to site This way to the gallery.



August comes with for O for option, P for pressing and Q for quilting.

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Have a look at all my pattern series available at EQ Boutique. Using the free software that is delivered free with your pattern purchase enables you to print your blocks in any size you want. You will need EQ7 software to print your blocks in any size and style you want.

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