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Our Horizon

Our Horizon

The landscape in my area is mostly flat; some scattered trees or small woods, houses and a winding tower from former coal mining characterize the scenery. The summer is here and I am planning to bike near and far and explore my area. Ever since I have owned a Pedelec which supports my pedaling as needed, my "circles" get wider and wider ... My thoughts can run freely, I am enjoying the wind in the hair and despite all the familiarity I discover something new. An unknown path, an interesting plant, beautiful houses. And of course - ice cream parlors!

Long story short: The summer break has started. I am planning to spend the majority of my time outside rather than inside at the computer. For rainy days a quilter must, however, have a small project in reserve. Therefore I designed the beautiful exotic bird of paradise flower. It fits nicely with the hummingbird which was published in "Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks" and of course with almost all my other birds.


The Strelizia is ready for free download for a limited time.

News in a nutshell:



An exotic beauty!

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Hummingbird & Co

Hummingbird & Co

Two birds that complement the Bird-of-paradise for a pretty wall hanging: the lively Hummingbird and the red Cardinal.

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Petrilla And Friends

Seven hens, a rooster, chicks and eggs ... here is all you need for fancy and fun chicken run.

Petrilla and Friends as EQ Add-on

Good news for those who - like me - use Electric Quilt software. The Petrilla pattern set is now available at The Electric Quilt Company as MyEQBoutique add-on! Just install and it appears ready to use in your EQ Block Library.

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Rock and Roll Music

See the quilts from Inspired by the Beatles!

May 29 - 31, 2015 at the Site in English Quilters Unlimited Show (all 150 quilts), Chantilly, VA

June 19 - 21, 2015 at the Site in English Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival (all 150 quilts), Overland Park, KS

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My EQ Boutique

Important for all EQ Boutique customers: The site moved to the Site in English Electric Quilt main website.

You will need EQ7 software to print your blocks in any size and style you want. If you don't own EQ software you may still order the PDF patterns as described on my pattern pages.

Check out Site in English my pattern series available at the Electric Quilt Company.


If you would like to be notified about updates to my site, please send me an Mail email.

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