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Spring Mystery 2015


Spring is already knocking at the door. Even imagination is sprouting and transforms my paper piecing tulips into a stained glass model! This nifty window hanging was made by Kathleen H. Isn't it pretty?


So now - are you in the mood for a little spring adventure? And are you keen on paper piecing? If so I have something for you.

Like the years before (see to site Spring Mystery and to site Findus) I offer a mysterious sew along you may take part in. This is how it works: The individual paper piecing sections will appear on the website by and by and can be sewn immediately. Your challenge is to assemble the puzzle and tell me what you think it is. I promise - this time it will not be as hard as before. As usual the fastest guesser who tells me the right block motif may choose a prize. Of course in the end you may use the block to make a cute wall hanging or table runner!

And if you are close to Savannah, GA, you have the chance to see some of the famous Site in English Beatles quilts!

News in a nutshell:


Here we go!

The first part for the spring mystery is ready to download and also part two. Fabric requirements are included.

Newsletter recipients will get a short reminder when more parts are published.

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Spotted Woodpecker

Spotted Woodpecker

This pretty bird was made by request. The textile version will not make any damage!

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Rock and Roll Music

See the quilts from Inspired by the Beatles!

March 26 - 29, 2015 at the QuiltFest Savannah, Savannah, GA

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Site in English This way to the Festival.

Tip multiple segments

Paper Piecing Tip

When blocks are made up from multiple sections you need to check whether sewing lines are strait.

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My EQ Boutique

Important for all EQ Boutique customers: The site moved to the Site in English Electric Quilt main website.

You will need EQ7 software to print your blocks in any size and style you want. If you don't own EQ software you may still order the PDF patterns as described on my pattern pages.

Check out Site in English my pattern series available at the Electric Quilt Company.


If you would like to be notified about updates to my site, please send me an Mail email.

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