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Solution of A Riddle

Solution of A Riddle

This is how the mystery sections look like when sorted in a row like Site in EnglishUrs Werli likes to do. Confusing as long as you don't know how to join them ...

I was fascinated when I realized this puzzle was truly hard to solve. Colors and shapes are relatively clear and there is a huge amount of background pieces. On the other hand from the right side the overlapping seam allowances and from the wrong side the turned numbers add to the confusion. I must admit I was amused when this turned out to be a real challenge and the secret was kept all the time. Many joined the task and didn't give up - thank you for trusting me!

My block on the cover!

Quiltmakers 100 Blocks



I am happy to announce that I will be part of the next site in english Quiltmakers 100 Blocks magazine! And guess what? My block is on the cover! The first one who is able to point out which block is mine will win a pattern worth 5 Euro! Just Mail email me your educated guess.



As usual there will be a fun, rowdy, inspiring and prize-packed "100 Blocks Blog Tour" from April 28 - May 2. And yes, I will be part of this also. I am looking forward to this event and hope you will join me on the tour.

These are the news in short:


Mystery 2014

The solution is up!

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Guest Gallery

Guest Gallery

There are fresh flowers planted in the "Flower Bed" and a few more Cheekyy Ravens flew in.

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Jubilee Rose

Flower Patterns

I created a new flower bed for individually flower blocks. First there is the Jubilee Rose in three variants. It is followed by Lilly of The Valley and the delicate Daffodil "Tete-a-Tete".

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Spring Mystery

Spring Mystery

The 2011 Mystery block showed a hare carrying a pannier filled with eggs. Those who missed the campaign but love to puzzle may order the riddle. This is preliminary practice for the upcoming mystery!

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Collectible series of crooked capital characters. Now D, E, F und G are up. Do you know a word from the characters A to G? Tell me!

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My EQ Boutique

Have a look at all my pattern series available at EQ Boutique. Using the free software that is delivered free with your pattern purchase enables you to print your blocks in any size you want.

Site in English This way to My EQ Boutique.


If you would like to be notified about updates to my site, please send me an Mail email.

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