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In general January is rather boring in our area. No snow: only wet and cold days. At least "our" squirrel does not get too cold, but can nibble on its winter supplies at leisure instead.

Naturally we are all craving for spring. Flower stores are aware of this and to increase our anticipation offer heavily flowering primroses in all colors in little pots. Sadly real flowers do not last long indoors, that's why I get myself some lasting flowerage for the table. Several blossoms next to each other will create a table runner. A single blossom could - if enlarged - decorate the center of a pillow.


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Runner of The Month: Spring Messenger

Small primrose takes center stage!

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Crooked Alphabet

Crooked Alphabet

26 capital letters and some punctuation marks in an extraordinary style. Write what you want.

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My EQ Boutique

Important for all EQ Boutique customers: The site moved to the Site in English Electric Quilt main website.

You will need EQ7 software to print your blocks in any size and style you want. If you don't own EQ software you may still order the PDF patterns as described on my pattern pages.

Check out Site in English my pattern series available at the Electric Quilt Company.


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