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Be Creative

As you will notice in this image everyone can be creative - using whichever materials! This elderly couple is made from paper mâché and they are sitting comfortably in a front yard in a neighboring village. Do they really look like the residents - I do not know ...

We quilters are creative with fabrics. And with colors. And with patterns. And with Love. What could be better? Now, as mid-summer said goodbye with some cold, rainy days, it is again time to quilt. To begin really easy I've set a little apple on the sewing table. Bon Appetite! If you want even more variations look at the "Apple Harvest".

In a sewing pause you may have a look at my finished hens after the "Petrilla and Friends" pattern in the gallery or try the super easy book cover. Enjoy!

Paper Apples

Or try your hand on these inventive paper apples. The instructional video and downloadable pattern are on Site in German this German television website.

News in a nutshell:


Tablerunner of the month September: Apple

The healthy fruit can easily be sewn on paper, add a stalk, the flower and a few seeds and voila - the apple is finished. Red, green, yellow ... they are delicious and all lined up on a table runner.

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Apple Harvest

More Apples?

Those looking for more apples might enjoy more delicious fruits at the "Apple Harvest".

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Quick Cover

Quick Cover

Single-layered and without batting, this pattern is very easy and great for notebooks and folders. Or maybe you want to give a book as a present in a stylish cover?

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Three of a Feather

Three of a Feather

My kitchen has a new decoration: a cheerful chicken wall hanging after the "Petrilla and Friends" pattern!

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Rock and Roll Music

See the quilts from Inspired by the Beatles!

September 17 - 20, 2015 at the Site in English Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XXII (125 quilts), Greater Philadelphia Area, PA

September 24 - 26, 2015 at the Site in English Quilt Fest (25 quilts), Jacksonville, Florida

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My EQ Boutique

Important for all EQ Boutique customers: The site moved to the Site in English Electric Quilt main website.

You will need EQ7 software to print your blocks in any size and style you want. If you don't own EQ software you may still order the PDF patterns as described on my pattern pages.

Check out Site in English my pattern series available at the Electric Quilt Company.


If you would like to be notified about updates to my site, please send me an Mail email.

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