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Exactly my color!

Green 1

Every year Mother Nature surprises me with a special present: Spring comes in wonderful green tones - my favorite color! All hedges and along every path sprouts new foliage and pushes forcibly towards the light. And we humans fee similar: with every sunbeam grows the urge to spend time outdoors. Just to sit and enjoy life, or bike eat ice cream - spring awakening!

Green 2

Spring Mystery 2016

Spring Mystery 2016

The wait is finally over! A new spring mystery is waiting for all adventurous paper-piecer.

How does it work?
Gradually, segments of an unknown motive will be published. Part one including the basic information remains on the website, but each segment disappears with the release of the next part. So watch out and have fun guessing and winning!

News in a nutshell:

Spring Mystery 2016

Spring Mystery 2016

Here we go!
Download part 1, assemble your fabrics and start sewing the first segments

to site This way to the Mystery.

Inspired by the National Parks

US National Parks in Quilts

USA has more than 50 National Parks. Not all of them are as well-known as the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone NP, but each park protects a spectacular landscape. The National Park Service, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary, ensures that nature is protected and that visitors can explore via secure paths. A very important task. For the anniversary, many quilters created a quilt covering one aspect (landscape , flora or fauna) for each of the parks.

My topic is the Rainforest in Olympic National Park in the northwestern United States. My quilt is a vertically hanging landscape quilt - paper pieced of course. Please understand that I cannot show pictures before the book about the quilts and the parks has been published. This will be the case in the early summer of 2016.

Information about the National Park quilts and the planned exhibitions can be found on Site in English these pages. A small glimpse of some quilts can be seen there as well.

Next Exhibit:
June 3 - 5, 2016 at the Site in English Quilters Unlimited Show (entire collection),
Chantilly, VA

Rock and Roll Music

See the quilts from Inspired by the Beatles!

The journey will continue in 2016!

May 5 - May 7, 2016 at Site in English Home Machine Quilting Show (all Beatles quilts), Salt Lake City, Utah

to site This way to my Beatles page.

My EQ Boutique

See my pattern series at the Electric Quilt Company!

With EQ7 software you can print your blocks in any size and style you want. If you don't own EQ software you may still order the PDF patterns as described on my pattern pages.

Check out Site in English my pattern series available at the Electric Quilt Company.


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