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In the gallery you will find pictures of quilts and other objects that I have made since the millennium. Some of them are based on other designers' patterns or on courses I have taken. By now, however, I mostly follow my own designs

Unfortunately I don't have (good) pictures of all my work - probably like most quilters. That is really a pity; therefore take pictures of your quilts before you give them away! If possible straight on and in the light shade.

The gallery contains the following categories:

If you click on one of the icons in a category, a new window will open with the entire image and additional information. You will be able to see more details, too. All measurements are in centimeters, to convert them to inch calculate 2.5 centimeters for one inch. To return to the overview just close the window with the detail picture.

Another thing: please be patient, good quality pictures take time to load.

If you would like to make a quilt like mine, check the categories to site Free Patterns or to site Patterns or Mail ask me for unpublished patterns.

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