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Sometimes I spend more time designing a pattern than sewing it. My favorite tools are the various drawing and photo editing programs on my computer. Therefore it is just a small step to add marks and comments to the existing drawings, and turn them into instructions for others. They do, however, assume that you have the necessary sewing skills to follow the pattern. Have a look at my zur Seite free patterns to see the quality of my patterns.

I will send e-patterns as PDF file or EQ project via e-mail. A custom made pattern CD is available too (4.00 € plus shipping). Your patterns will be there even though your computer breaks down.
Printed patterns are sent worldwide.
All measurements are metric.

If you would like to order a pattern, are interested in a pattern for one of my other quilts or a custom made pattern, please Mail email me.

If you would like to know, how much a pattern costs in your own currency, check Site in English here.

Patterns added since August 2017 are only available via my to site German pattern page.

For easy trimming of 15 x 15 cm blocks I recommend the to site Quicker Trimmer.

Spring Mystery to site Spring Mystery

Who is carrying the Easter eggs?

Link Spring Awakening to site Spring Awakening

Sampler with spring motifs.

Link Year of Flowers to site Year of Flowers

12 nature-orientated portraits of small flowers.

Flower Bed to site Flower Bed

Various blooming blocks

Link Chicken Run to site Chicken Run

Two hens and a rooster in my chicken run.

Petrilla And Friends to site Petrilla And Friends

A wide range patterns for a large chicken run.

Link Bird Life to site Bird Life

Various bird portraits

Link Garden Birds to site Garden Birds

Nature like bird blocks for
paper piecing and appliqué.

Kolibri & Co to site Hummingbird & Co

A set of three exotic "birds".

Link Summer Bird House to site Summer Bird House

Appliqué Pattern

Garden Fun to site Garden Fun

14 blocks and a fall tree brainteaser.

Link Sun in My Garden to site Sun in My Garden

A large-scale sunflower with bee.

Link Bald Eagle to site The Bald Eagle

Celebrate the 4th of July with this Bold Eagle portrait.

Link Kamen Weave to site Kamen Weave

Pattern for English Paperpiecing - with a special twist!

Link Piling-Up! to site Piling-Up!

A toolbox for piling up bowls as you like, now with extensive sewing tips.

Link Coaster Willi to site Coaster "Willie"

Mini-Object, only for use with "Kamen Weave"

Link Tote Bag Luise to site Tote Bag "Louise"

to carry your hand sewing project

Link Star Flowers to site Star Flowers

Beautiful Pattern for English Paper Piecing

Alphabet to site Crooked Alphabet

Capital letters and punctuation marks.

Link Wee Tomcat to site Wee Tomcat

Paper Piecing Pattern.

Kimmie to site Kimmie

Paper piecing pattern.

Runner of the Month February: Primerose to site Runner of The Month

By and by there will be a table runner pattern for each month.

Kiddo to site Kiddo

A scrubby little friend for paper piecing.

Jonas Zoo to site Jona's Zoo

Appliqué pattern for 15 zoo animals.

Pumpkins for Sale to site Pumpkins for Sale

Three pumpkin blocks.

Apple Harvest to site Apple Harvest

Various apples.

Link 3D High Heeled Fairies to site 3D High Heeled Fairies

These funny fabric mushrooms are growing during all seasons!

Link Magic Mushroom Garden to site Magic Mushroom Garden

An autumnal sampler with lots of mushrooms. Paper Piecing.

Link Autumn Pictures to site Autumn Pictures

Squirrel, hedgehog and pumpkin represent autumn.

Link Pocket Mushroom Potholder zto site Pocket Mushroom Potholder


Night House to site Night House

Two part paper piecing pattern.

Christmas Carolers to site Christmas Carolers

... bring Christmas joy.

Church in Seiffen to site Church in Seiffen

Adds to the Christmas Carolers.

Link Christmas Wall Hanging zur Seite Christmas Wall Hanging

Candles, bells and poinsettia brought to you for Christmas time ...

Link All Things Christmas zur Seite All Things Christmas

Fourteen paper piecing blocks and a light bulb borde.

Nutcrackers Galore to site Nutcrackers Galore!

22 Nutcrackers are on parade; ready to mix and match their uniform parts.

Link Christmas Elves to site Christmas Elves

Paper piecing and embroidery pattern.

Link KittyKittyKitty to site KittyKittyKitty

A row of kitties and a X-mas kitty bonus pattern.

Link Snowflake to site Snowflake

Whirling, twirling, dancing ....


Patterns are intended exclusively for your personal use.
Copyright 2009-2013 Regina Grewe - All rights reserved

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