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Guest Gallery

Since I have been offering my own patterns, I have also asked for and received pictures of projects based on my patterns. Some of them became parts of vitual quilts, others helped in sharing ideas and inspiration. On this page by-and-by a gallery of your creations will develop, organized according to the patterns used.

If you also want to hang your quilt based on one of my patterns in the gallery, send me a picture! If at all possible, take the picture in morning or afternoon daylight in the shade, straight from the front without distortions in perspective. Send the unedited picture to me and I will do my best with it - promised.

If you click on one of the icons in a category, a new window will open with the entire image and additional information. You will be able to see more details, too. All measurements are in centimeters, to convert them to inch calculate 2.5 centimeters for one inch. To return to the overview just close the window with the detail picture.

The guest gallery is organized after following patterns:

down Bald Eagle
down Bird Life
nach unten Bird's Nest
nach unten Bouquet of Tulips
down Christmas Patterns
down Crooked Alphabet
down Findus and additional patterns
down Flower Bed
down Garden Birds
down Garden Fun
down House in the Woods
down Jubilee Rose
down Kamen Weave
down KittyKittyKitty
down Kleine Wetterhexe
down Little Landscape
down Lord of The Rings
down Magic Mushroom Garden
down Martin Gans
down Miscellaneous
down Night House
nach unten Paris
nach unten PEACE
down Penny's Hexie Caddy
down Petrilla & Friends and Chicken Run
down Piling Up!
down Raven
down Red Deer
down Runner of The Month
down Snowflake
down Spring Awakening
down Spring Is in The Air
down Spring Mystery
down Spring Whispering
down Star Flowers
down Summer Bird House
nach unten Sun in My Garden
down The Smell of Coffee
down Tulips
down Under The White And Blue Bavarian Sky
down Vegetable Box
down Wee Tomcat / Kimmie
nach unten Well Shielded
down Year of Flowers

Based on the pattern "Bald Eagle"

Eva H., Carol G., Tamara D., Shyril H.



Bald Eagle 1    

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Based on the patterns "Bird Life"

Ute M.-B.

Bird Life 19 (Black Bird)    


Ute M.-B., Brigitte Sch., Jutta M.

Annette K., Uta G., Ingrid St.,
Gerda L., Anke W., Andrea B.-M.

Renee O., Uta G., Elizabeth S.,
Renate W.


Bird Life 18 (Blue Crane) Bird Life 17 (various bird patterns) Bird Life 16 (Hummingbird & Co)


Heike I., Claudia E., Edeltraut K.,
Isolde W., Jean F., Ottraud T.,
Sari B.

Roswitha F., Rita B., Hiltraut Sch.,
Heike I., Silvia L., Uta B.

Anita D., Kristina V., Anke D.,
Uta G., Sabine L.-F.

Bird Life 14 (Hummingbird & Co) Bird Life 14 (Black Bird) Bird Life 13 (Sparrow)


Sigrid D., Gabi H., Ottraud T.,
Doris K., Iris O., Jutta S.,
Edith L., Monique F.

Regina M., Chris E., Ingrid B.,
Monika K.

Monika R., Babs E., Renate W.

Bird Life 12 (various bird patterns) Bird Life 11 (Kingfisher) Bird Life 10 (Nuthatch)


Claudia E., Angelika A., Beate H.,
Chris E., Gisela Sch.,
Hannelore K., Gisela K.,
Annette K.

Regina K., Brigitte L., Kristina V.,
Roswitha R., Barbara Sch.-R.,
Ingrid W., Karin O., Karin St.

Martina R., Hanne S., Uta G.,
Karin H.

Bird Life 9 (Black Bird) Bird Life 8 (Blue Crane) Bird Life 7 (Kiwi)


Ingrid G., Erika B., Heidi H.,
Monika K., Barbara M., Ilse A.,
Monique F., Erika L., Monika K.

Miriam L., Marie L., Regina M.,
Irmchen M., Sigrid K.

Gudrun Sch., Isolde A.,
Rene H., Nicole E., Regina M.,
Dagmar L., Conny B.

Bird Life 6 (Spotted Woodpecker) Bird Life 5 (Owls) Bird Life 4 (Owls)


Uschy H., Marie-Luise G.,
Deb R., Dani P., Doris K.,
Silvia L.

Hilde H., Monique D., Karin H.

Elfi D.

Bird Life 3 (Owls) Bird Life 2 (Snow Birds) Bird Life 1 (Bullfinch)

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Based on the pattern "Bird's Nest" (Mystery 2019)

Christine Sch., Sylvia U.,
Sabine B., Ingrid W.,
Friederike L., Elfi L.,
Heide K.

Norgard St., Sonja D., Heidi H.,
Annegret B., Gabriele B.,
Brunhilde Z., Anita G.

Sonja G., Karin L., Sabine Sch.,
Angelika H.-B., Karin K.,
Birgit E., Deborah C., Katrin H.

Bird's Nest 9 Bird's Nest 8 Bird's Nest 7


Maya B., Caroline B.,
Brunhilde Z., Marlies H.,
Monika T., Ulrike G.,
Barbara M., Gundel G.

Claudine H., Irmela H., Viola R.,
Helga V., Petra Sch., Birte D.,
Uta G., Marianne Sch.

Benita E., Claudia P., Erika K.,
Evelin Z., Gudrun S., Sabine B.,
Regina G., Gerda L.

Bird's Nest 6 Bird's Nest 5 Bird's Nest 4


Eve M., Claudia G.-M.,
Gudrun H., Han S., Anita D.,
Erika L., Beatrix St., Margot H.

Heidi G., Sabine Sch., Ute H.,
Ulrike S., Margarete M., Iris O.,
Karin H.

Virtual Quilts

Bird's Nest 3 Bird's Nest 2 Bird's Nest 1

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Based on the pattern "Bouquet of Tulips"

Deb H., Christine Sch., Silvia L.

Angelika H.-B., Deborah K.,
Christina Sch., Iris O.,
Natascha R., Regina Z., Heike I.

Leonore V., Margarete Sch.,
Ingrid B., Hedwig E., Katrin H.,
Sabine Sch., Babs E.,
Monika W., Christina Sch.

Bouquet of Tulips 6 Bouquet of Tulips 5 Bouquet of Tulips 4


Erika K., Dagmar T.,
Sieglinde K.-B., Ursula R.,
Karin H., Doris Sch.,
Irina H., Friedrike L.

Eva H., Elvira W., Gisela Sch.,
Evelin Z., Sabine B.,
Dorothee W., Anne W., Monika R.

Waltraud T., Gudrun Z.,
Doris O., Ute Sch., Karin T.,
Susanne G., Melanie L.

Bouquet of Tulips 3 Bouquet of Tulips 2 Bouquet of Tulips 1

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Based on various Christmas patterns

Viola B.

Veronika D., Karin H.,
Kathrin Sch.


Ore Mountain Patterns 8 A Small Christmas 1  


Susanne G., Margit K.,
Christina R., Gabriela E.,
Annemarie, Luzia

Andrea W.

Janna K., Gabi H., Ilona F.,
Ilona St., Kerstin A., Ingrid B.,
Benita E., Kerstin A.

Christmas Elves 6 X-mas Mouse 3 Ore Mountain Patterns 7


Gabi B., Claudia K., Gabi B.

Birgit K., Andrea Sch.,
Brigitte Sch., Iris O., Gabi H.,
Renate N. Marita L.

Renate J., Gabi B.,
Sieglinde K.-B., Marianne B.,
Susanne L., Sylvia U.

Nutcracker 4 X-mas Mouse 2 X-mas Mouse 1


Judy St., Emanuela K.,
Geno Sch., Barbara R., Birgit E.,
Ricarda L., Uta G., Gabriela E.

Christine W., Kerstin A.,
Leonore V., Marianne E.,
Ilona St., Karin R., Kerstin A.,
Rosemarie C., Sabine N.

Gabi B., Elisabeth M., Ute E.-I.,
Brigitte Sch., Kerstin A.,
Brigitte Sch., Jael B.,
Christine Sch.

Christmas Elves 5 Ore Mountain Patterns 6 Ginger Bread Man/Time for Candles 2


Inge Sch., Elisabeth M.,
Marlies H., Beate Sch., Irmela H.,
Marianne R.-Sch.

Anita G., Heike I., Doris K.,
Monika St., Regina W., Erika K.,
Jutta H., Lotte P., Marina K.

Erika B., Monika S.,
Elisabeth W., Ursula B.,
Sybille M., Sieglinde K.-B.,
Christl S., Ursula S.

Ore Mountain Patterns 5 Ore Mountain Patterns 4 Ore Mountain Patterns 3


Marianne Sch., Monika Sch.,
Mona M., Anja M., Almut D.,
Marlis P.

Doris K., Monic H.,
Roswitha G., Natascha R.,
Marlies H., Renate J.,
Laura-Christel B.

Waltraud T., Bettina F.,
Monika L., Anne M., Marlies H.,
Ulrike W., Sylvia L., Barbara R.

Ginger Bread Man/Time for Candles 1 All Things Christmas 2 Christmas Elves 4


Angela N., Doris K., Anke M.,
Carol S., Maria Sch.,
VHS Michelstadt, Natascha R.,
Margarete M.

Ulla R., Joanna K.,
Petra H., Verena T.,
Monika St.

Rosemarie P., Beth Sch.,
Barb E., Sieglinde K.,
Inge H., Sandra H., Wipke Sch.

Christmas Elves 3 Nutcracker 3 Nutcracker 2


Angelika A., Chris E.,
Elisabeth W., Edeltraut K.,
Heike I., Regina W., Sybille M.

Anka B., Ursula S., Regina W.,
Renate C., Gabi J., Han S.,
Karin B., Hiltraut Sch.

Monika M., Ingrid Sch.-K.,
Arne A., Jris A., Maja M.,
Irmchen M., Heike H.

Ore Mountain Patterns 2 Ore Mountain Patterns 1 Christmas Elves 2


Debie F., Doris K., Martina R.,
Eleonore Sch., Helga K.,
Monika T.

Barbara J., Petra Sch., Marina K.,
Ingrid Sch.-K., Brigitte H.-N.,
Anita G., Andrea M., Ulrike N.

Sabine B., Angelika A., Isolde A.,
Sandra H., Carla Sch.,
Katerina J., Silke J.

All Things Christmas 1 Nutcracker 1 Christmas Elves 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern series "Crooked Alphabet"

Karin L., Susanne G., Kerstin A.,
Monika B., Susanne B.,
Christine E., Marie-Louise M.

Sylvia U., Uta B., Sabine L.,
Iris O.


Crooked Alphabet 5 Crooked Alphabet 4  


Monika S., Monic H., Angela H.,
Julia M., Gisela L., Sonja G.,
Karin H., Angelika M.

Eva R., Chantal S.-L., Doris K.,
Jane B., Gisela L., Erika K.

Doris K., Eve M., Gertrud K.,
Dagmar T., Regina B.,
Barbara B., Bernhilde R., Elfi M.

Crooked Alphabet 3 Crooked Alphabet 2 Crooked Alphabet 1

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Mystery 2014: Findus and additional patterns

Angela G.

Inge Sch., Therese P.


Mystery 2014 Findus 38 Mystery 2014 Findus 37  


Corina P., Elli E., Astrid F.

Germaine G., Gabi O.,
Christine Sch., Karin W.,
Edelgard Sch.

Petra Sch., Irmchen M.,
Susanne G., Monika G.,
Christiane St., Renate W.,
Ellinor O.

Mystery 2014 Findus 36 Mystery 2014 Findus 35 Mystery 2014 Findus 34


Almut F., Ines R., Brigitta L.,
Dorothea C., Isabelle B., Karin P.,
Ulrike M., Irmchen M.

Gisela K., Ulla K., Doris M.,
Elfriede L., Sabine B.,
Marianne F., Agnes W.

Andrea F., Birte D., Ilona F.,
Margot H., Marion B., Sonja N.,
Susanne B., Jeanette K.

Mystery 2014 Findus 33 Mystery 2014 Findus 32 Mystery 2014 Findus 31


Elke L., Brigitta L., Sylvia U.,
Gabi B., Lotte Sch.-R.,
Susanne B.

Sieglinde K.-B., Monika K.,
Herta W.-S., Monika K.

Elisabeth W., Gudrun S.,
Karin Ma., Karin Mu., Viola K.,
Sigrun K., Heide G., Karin L.

Mystery 2014 Findus 30 Mystery 2014 Findus 29 Mystery 2014 Findus 28


Ingrid A., Ursi K., Elke L.,
Susanne G., Siglinde E.,
Karin O., Sylvia U.

Sabine B., Elisabeth W.,
Gudrun S., Elinor O.

Sarah B., Vicky W., Martina P.,
Antje L., Ines R., Gisela K.,
Elke L.

Mystery 2014 Findus 27 Mystery 2014 Findus 26 Mystery 2014 Findus 25


Evelin Z., Iris O., Eve M.,
Barbara H., Inge Sch.

Natascha R., Gerda L., Ulla K.,
Nickoletta N., Susanne D.

Waltraud T., Katrin H., Sabine B.,
Jutta L., Natascha R., Katrin H.,
Annette A.

Mystery 2014 Findus 24 Mystery 2014 Findus 23 Mystery 2014 Findus 22


Iris O., Annette U., Ursula L.,
Katrin H., Natascha R., Gerda L.,
Ines R., Stefanie M.

Benita E., Margarete M.,
Geno Sch., Waltraud T., Ruth E.,
Gudrun S., Monique F., Katrin H.

Ingrid Sch.-K., Kerstin A.,
Marianne H., Sabine K.,
Konstanze A., Iris O.,
Marlis G.

Mystery 2014 Findus 21 Mystery 2014 Findus 20 Mystery 2014 Findus 19


Sabine B., Iris O., Heidi G.,
Regina M., Angelika H.-B., Margot H.

Ingrid W., Bärbel H., Gabi B.,
Katrin H., Nicole D., Erika K.,
Friederike L., Brigitte Sch.

Viola B., Silvia H., Erika L.,
Rosa S., Barb E., Gabriele P.,
Ursi K., Annette Sch.

Mystery 2014 Findus 18 Mystery 2014 Findus 17 Mystery 2014 Findus 16


Katharina T., Ingrid T., Benita E.,
Manuela G., Maren K., Irene O.,
Elke Le., Konstanze A.

Doris W., Birgit H., Renate Sch.,
Gudrun Sch., Anne W., Katrin H.,
Katrin M., Christine K.

Esther M., Christiane P.,
Wendy R., Anja M., Brigitte Sch.,
Deborah C., Frauke R.-K.

Mystery 2014 Findus 15 Mystery 2014 Findus 14 Mystery 2014 Findus 13


Elke H., Gisela O., Steffi E.,
Almut M., Ruth W., Uta G.,
Elke D., Ulrike N.

Andrea J., Ruth T., Iris H.,
Marianne F., Christina H.,
Monique F., Renate J., Edith K.

Sabine K., Els B., Anja M.,
Heidi F., Joan W., Monika G.

Mystery 2014 Findus 12 Mystery 2014 Findus 11 Mystery 2014 Findus 10


Dorothea F., Sybille R., Dot C.,
Elke E., Christel Z., Waltraud T.,
Ilona Sch., Angela H.

Heike Sch., Maria Sch.,
Margrith Sch., Dorothea M.,
Rita D., Britta E., Angela N.,
Rosemarie L.

Beate H., Birte D., Carolin St.,
Marianne F., Dorothee W.,
Christina Sch., Doris K.,
Hiltraut Sch.

Mystery 2014 Findus 9 Mystery 2014 Findus 8 Mystery 2014 Findus 7


Doris O., Ulrike K., Doris K.,
Anita G., Germaine G.,
Dorothee W., Elvira M., Regina B.

Erika K., Sabine K., Barb E.,
Silvia T., Ingrid G., Jeanette Sch.,
Linda B., Mechthild K.

Evi E., Julià M., Regina L.,
Dolly S., Chantal S.-L.,
Daniela E., Leonore V., Elke L.

Mystery 2014 Findus 6 Mystery 2014 Findus 5 Mystery 2014 Findus 4


Angelika J., Angelika H.-B.,
Christel B., Deborah C., Doris L.,
Brigitte L., Monic H., Karin B.

Doris W., Reingard F., Dagmar T.,
Inge H., Silvia F.-Z., Sabine B.,
Hélène G., Anka B.

Eve M., Petra Sch., Uschy H.,
Marsha H., Edeltraut K.,
Margaret A., Karen M., Elfi M.

Mystery 2014 Findus 3 Mystery 2014 Findus 2 Mystery 2014 Findus 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Flower Bed"

Sylvia U., Petra H.



Flower Bed 10    


Heidi K., Martina M., Rita B.,
Ottraud T., Marianne Sch.,
Herta S., Arite R., Anneliese F.

Virtual Quilt, Waltraud T.,
Els B., Rosi Sch.

Sabine B., Nancy S., Jutta L.,
Margot H., Heike I., Marika L.,
Ursula K., Tina Sch.

Flower Bed 9 Flower Bed 8 Flower Bed 7


Monika W., Marlies H., Anja M.,
Dorothee W., Martina B.,
Monic H.

Angelika H.-B., Birgit E.,
Darpho D., Erika K., Eve M.,
Gudrun Z., Hedwig E., Monika R.

Sabine B., Katrin A., Inge Sch.,
Eve M., Inge Sch., Ute M.-B.

Flower Bed 6 Flower Bed 5 Flower Bed 4


Elisabeth M., Silvia R., Margret E.

Britta E., Waltraud T.,
Celine Ch., Doris K.

Doris O., Heidrun P., Heike I.,
Edeltraut K., Heike S., Julia M.,
Kristin K., Han S.

Flower Bed 3 Flower Bed 2 Flower Bed 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Garden Birds"

Brigitte H., Heidi B., Elinor O.,
Gerda L., Sabine L., Erika K.,
Kathrin Sch.

Barbara W., Marianne Sch.,
Isabella B.-T., Barbara W.,
Ricarda L., Renate W., Ellinor O.

Marleen vdW., Uta W.,
Michaela B., Ulrike K.,
Waltraud T., Erika L.

Garden Birds 8 Garden Birds 7 Garden Birds 6


Christina M., Doris L., Hilde H.,
Chris E., Ute K., Angelika C.,
Barbara B.-H.

Karen M., Anita G., Katrin W.,
Isolde A., Roswitha F., Jutta A.

Joke F., Marita L., Els B.,
Nancy L., Irmgard B., Heidi K.,
Christel S., Regina Sch.

Garden Birds 5 Garden Birds 4 Garden Birds 3


Hilde H., Irena W., Ute M.,
Dorothee W., Ursula N.,
Elizabeth B., Wilma N.

Claudia D., Manuela K.,
Lisette P., Doris K., Saeedeh R.,
Claudia E., Ursula S., Renate W.

Philip M. Ward, Margot R.,
Edith K., to site Philip's project

Garden Birds 2 Garden Birds 1 Garden Birds Philip M. Ward

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern series "Garden Fun"

Chris E., Regina M., Mona M.,
Karin H., Jean F., Uta G.,
Beate B., Ilona St.

Edith G., Erika K., Claudia E.


Garden Fun 16 Garden Fun 15  


Golden October - Alley

Christel G., Nancy S., Rita B.,
Monika A., Maja M., Connie C.,
Gudrun B., Dorothea F.

Sabine B., Dorothee W.,
Heidrun P., Lilo Z., Martina H.,
Ute K.

Golden October - Alley Garden Fun 13 Garden Fun 12


Ulrike K., Margit H., Sabine B.,
Dagmar Sch., Marianne Sch.,
Metsje v.d.H., Philip W., Ursula R.

Heike G., Margot H., Erika K.,
Barb E., Waltraud T., Evi E.-B.,
Peggy H., Sandra H.

Kristin K., Katrin H., Monika G.,
Bep v.d.P., Anneliese F.,
Andrea B., Christina H.,
Gizella V.

Garden Fun 11 Garden Fun 10 Garden Fun 9


Veronika M., Margaret A.,
Pat S., Angelika A., Ann E.,
Doris K., Heike I.

Leonore V., Regina M.,
Monika A., Silvia L., Rosa S.,
Steffi R., Ursula N.-L.,
Silke A., Rita K.

Chantal S., Ingrid L.,
Marianne R.-Sch., Metsje,
Mona M., Monic H.

Garden Fun 8 Garden Fun 2 Garden Fun 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the free patterns "House in the Woods", "Winter Forest" and "Forest with Deer"

Regina Sch., Martina M.,
Claudia K., Monika B.,
Heide K., Kathrin Sch.

Regina K., Brigitte R.,
Caroline B., Gabriela E.,
Barbara R.


House in the Woods 7 Forest with Deer 1  


Kerstin A., Katharina K.,
Monique F., Elisabeth W.,
Sonja C., Christine Sch.,
Veronika D., Kathrin Sch.

Angela H., Margarethe Sch.,
Heidi N., Angelika M.,
Herta W.-S., Kristina V.,
Charlotte G.

Monika M., Petra V., Steffi Z.,
Bärbel K., Sandra T., Brigitte R.

House in the Woods 6 House in the Woods 5 House in the Woods 4


Steffi Z.-Sch., Inge H.,
Eugenie R., Katrin W.,
Rosa S., Margitta H.,
Marianne F.

Bruni G., Celine Ch.,
Germaine G., Ursula Z.,
Nicky L., Grit S.,
Eva B., Gizella V.

Marie-Françoise, Sonja S.,
Claudia H., Anke D., Kathy H.,
Marlies H., Doris K.

House in the Woods 3 House in the Woods 2 House in the Woods 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Jubilee Rose"

Annette R., Elinor O., Angela N.,
Marianne K.

Eva K., Gerda L., Beatrice Sch.,
Brigitte W., Barbara L.

Juliane W., Birgit P.,
Emanuela K., Gertraud L.,
Ursula R., Rosemarie M.
Michaela B.

Jubilee Rose 15 Jubilee Rose 14 Jubilee Rose 13


Marlies G., Kerstin T., Ann C.,
Margret O., Karin H., Christl S.,
Ute Ch., Genoveva Sch.

Carola K., Hiltraut Sch.,
Christel Z., Marie-Luise G.,
Inge H., Ute K.,
Regina S., Barbara L.

Gabi G., Genoveva Sch.,
Renate H., Risa M.,
Dorothee W., Beate H.,
Daniela B., Dagmar Z.

Jubilee Rose 12 Jubilee Rose 11 Jubilee Rose 10


Monique F., Marcelle P.,
Christine Sp., Han S., Regina M.,
Ulrike K., Waltraud T., Andrea K.

Ingrid F., Marlene Sch.,
Marianne A., Ulla R.,
Angelika M., Barbara K., Petra B.

Christin R., Heidi K., Ingrid B.,
Janna K., Maria T., Petra K.,
Silvia R.

Jubilee Rose 9 Jubilee Rose 8 Jubilee Rose 7


Dorothea F., Marina K., Nicole E.,
Heike Sp., Iris K., Nicole L.-M.,
Ottraud T., Pieriette

Irene A., Bärbel R., Christel G.,
Deborah C., Dorothee B., Elfriede K.,
Iris S., Karin K.

Sabine L., Gerti N., Christel G.,
Monika W., Doris L., Katrin W.,
Rosa S.

Jubilee Rose 6 Jubilee Rose 5 Jubilee Rose 4


Elisabeth K., Heidrun P., Han S.,
Erika P., Doris Sch., Hildegard D.,
Irmtrud M., Ulla P.

Edeltraut K., Christa B.,
Christiana L., Christel G.,
Corinna Sch., Dagmar K.,
Doris O., Elisabeth W.

Helga J., Beate H., Christa W.,
Christine S., Angelika A.,
Beatrix P., Birgit H., Cathleen C.

Jubilee Rose 3 Jubilee Rose 2 Jubilee Rose 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Kamen Weave" and its variations

Philip W., Monika W., Christa M.,
Elisabeth R., Helga K.,
Monika M., Nina Sch.,
Sigrid D., Beate K.

Claudia B., Gabi Sch., Chantal S.

Gabriele Sch., Britta E.,
Magdalene B., Irene E.

Kamen Weave 5 Kamen Weave 4 Kamen Weave 3


Beate H., Heidrun P.,
Sabine P., Sigrid W.

Martina R., Helga F., Andrea K.,
Jeanette K., Waltraud T.


Kamen Weave 2 Kamen Weave 1  

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "KittyKittyKitty"

Leonore V., Birgit H., Regina M.,
Britta E., Dagmar L., Christel Z.

Gudrun Sch., Doris K.,
Michaela B., Sylvia H.

Martina O., Elisabeth P.,
Gudrun Sch., Isolde W.,
Angela N.

KittyKittyKitty 6 KittyKittyKitty 5 KittyKittyKitty 4


Anka B., Bea G., Emm vD.,
Leonore V., Manuela K.

Marianne A., Schwobamädle,
Agnès W., Mary N.

Manuela K., Margit S.,
Metsje, Monika M.

KittyKittyKitty 3 KittyKittyKitty 2 KittyKittyKitty 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Kleine Wetterhexe"

Iris R., Regina H., Christine K.,
Karin O., Tina Sch., Heide K.,
Laura Christel B.

Janna K., Leonore V.,
Jeanette Sch., Karin H.,
Martina M., Karin L.


Kleine Wetterhexe 2 Kleine Wetterhexe 1  

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Little Landscape"

Sabine P., Bärbel K., Steffi Z.,
Regina Sch., Kathrin Sch.

Christel B., Erika W., Silke J.,
Silvia L., Heike I., Gisela K.,
Gisela Sch.

Claudia H., Guilitta,
Gudrun Sch., Manuela K.,
Constance H., Steffi Z.-Sch.,
Inge W., Marianne F.

Little Landscape 3 Little Landscape 2 Little Landscape 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern series "Lord of The Rings"

There is also a Site in English flickr page with many more images.

Lynn K., Monika B.-B.,
Marianne F., Elsie M.,
Anne P., Petra W.,
Diane R., Irmi G., Heidi K.

Dagmar M., Christine Sp.,
Gabi J., Mikemaryann,
Katrin P., Han S.


Lord of The Rings 02 Lord of The Rings 01  

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Magic Mushroom Garden"

Brigitta L., Britta B., Monika B.,
Nicki W.

Elke P., Evi E.-B.,
Gerlinde Sp., Marlene Sch.

Magic Mushroom Garden 7 Magic Mushroom Garden 6


Marianne A., Uta W., Elvira W.

Paule-Marie A., Regina M.,
Ulla, Gudrun N., Leonore N.

Helga J., Jasmin H.,
Liliane Van L., Sabine K.,
Susanne L., Monika A.

Magic Mushroom Garden 5 Magic Mushroom Garden 4 Magic Mushroom Garden 3


Christl Sch., Doris K., Els B.,
Karla Z., Sonja H., Tiny W.

Ann T., Maike P., Beate K.,
Debie F., Christine F.,
Cornelia B., Sonja H., Monika B.

Heidrun P., Elke M., Monika S.,
Doris L., Uta W.-B.

Magic Mushroom Garden 2 Magic Mushroom Garden 1 3D High Heeled Fairies 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Martin Gans"

Karin St., Angelika R., Jael B.,
Kirsten B., Dagmar T.

Regina K., Gabi H., Ulrike Sch.,
Geno Sch., Reingard S.,
Sylvia U., Marita M.

Geno Sch., Sigrid Sch., Elke M.
Dorothea M., Sabine Sch.,
Eve M., Beatrix St., Anke D.

Martin Gans 3 Martin Gans 2 Martin Gans 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on various patterns

Ina W.

Karin O., Kerstin A.

Christine B., Ulrike W., Helga K.,
Uta G., Andrea B.-M., Hille H.,
Carmen W.

Miscellaneous 1 Piled Jars 2 Dancing Hearts 1


Mechtild S., Kirsten D., Annette P.

Ulrike S.-Z., Maria Sp., Angela N.,
Gerlinde Sp., Doris K., Jris A.,
Gabi K.

Christel Z., Maria O., Heidi K.,
Birgit E., Helga K., Ingrid H.,
Gabriele B.

Pattern by Request 2 Autumn Pictures 2 Autumn Pictures 1


Elke L., Rejane V., Deb R.,
Renate Sch., Theresie A.,
Saeedeh R., Jasmin S.

Ursula R., Monika M., Evelyn P.,
Petra Sch., Tina Sch., Anna R.,
Gudrun Sch., Dagmar Sch.

Christel B., Gudrun P.,
Michaela K., Angelika S.,
Doris K., Bettina H., Jutta F.,
Beate K., Regina Sch.

Piled Jars 1 Pattern by Request 1 Sewn in the course or after my quilts 1


Christiane P., Susan B., Anneli P.,
Daniela W., Mechtild S., Karin O.,
Karin K.

Ingrid D., Edna F., Merja G.,
Mariele R., Christiane P.,
Ulrike N., Marcia L.

Marina K., Debbie S., Donna K.,
Evelyn P., Leonore V.,
Maria Sch., Mary K., Jocelyne J.

Singer Sewing Machine 3 Singer Sewing Machine 2 Singer Sewing Machine 1


Monika T., Sabine St.,
Susanne G., Barbara Sch.-R.,
Ingrid W., Elfriede H.,
Siglinde E., Rosemarie C.

Gisela E., Sabine B., Doris K.,
Barbara M., Evelyn L.

Sandra K., Heike I., Ingrid Sch.,
Jana G., Kerstin R., Lothar V.,
Michi, Paule-Marie A.

Dachshound 1 Quilted Halloween Table Topper 2 Quilted Halloween Table Topper 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Night House"

Angelika H.-B., Hiltraut Sch.,
Sieglinde K.-B., Rosemarie C., Anja E.

Bea G., Elfie M., Martina O.,
Ingrid M., Britta E., Grit St.,
Elke M., Doris K.


Night House 2 Night House 1  

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Paris"

Heide K., Regina G., Sabine L.,
Ellen M., Brigitta L., Gabriele B.,
Traute M.

Paris 4    


Josée K., Jeanette L.,
Christina Sch., Karin Z.,
Rita M., Diana B., Regine C.

Marion L., Gaby A., Karin H.,
Regina R., Monika Sch., Gabi H.,
Uta B., Monika A.

Waltraud T., Barbara R.,
Brigitte Sch., Ursi K., Karin B.,
Anja B., Bettina K., Katharina G.

Paris 3 Paris 2 Paris 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the free pattern "PEACE"

Regina G., Monika G., Gaby W.,
Rosemarie M., Monika K.,
Gruppe Ursula G.

Janna K., Anette P., Anja Sch.,
Rosemarie U., Monika K.,
Marianne R.-Sch.


to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Penny's Hexie Caddy"

Regina R., Wilma A.

Gerda F., Beate Sch., Anne I.,
Inge St., Monika K., Doris K.

Ingrid B., Marion T., Sofie W.,
Christa B., Ingrid, Hanna F.,
Annette Z., Sandra K.

Penny's Hexie Caddy 6 Penny's Hexie Caddy 5 Penny's Hexie Caddy 4


Helene W.-L., Jeannette K., Petra N.,
Klaudia S., Martina K., Monika R.,
Dolores B.

Nadeltwister, Klengelchen,
Gerda F., Uli S., Sabine B.

Bea G., Elke G., Renate J.

Penny's Hexie Caddy 3 Penny's Hexie Caddy 2 Penny's Hexie Caddy 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern series "Petrilla & Friends" and "Chicken Run"

Birgit F., Regina Sch., Christine St.,
Cornelia M.



Petrilla And Friends 11    


Reny P., Claudia L., Olga P.,
Helene P., Britta E., Anja H.,
Beate H.

Sandra H., Ursel M., Edith G.,
Helga K., Rosemarie P., Barbara H.,
Sonja B.

Siglinde E., Ulrike K., Angela P.,
Vereni B., Monika T., Ines G.

Chicken Run 2 Chicken Run 1 Petrilla And Friends 10


Ines R., Kathrin B., Heide R.,
Tanja S., Georgia G., Angelika H.-B.,
Petra Sch., Sien B.

Maike P., Anke M., Erika L.,
Erika B., Elisabeth K.,
Edith G., Siglinde E., Regina G.

Beate H., Eve M., Ingrid G.,
Sieglinde E., Julia M.

Petrilla And Friends 9 Petrilla And Friends 8 Petrilla And Friends 7


Deborah C., Mechthild K., Rita S.,
Gertrud K., Waltraud T., Ellen L.,
Angela P., Shirley

Elfriede E., Frauke H.-U.,
Jewel, Erika L., Doris L.,
Henrike S., Karin L., Magdalena H.

Inge H., Sabine Ka., Martina M.,
Brigitte L., Gudrun Z., Christa A.,
Gisela H., Linda B.

Petrilla And Friends 6 Petrilla And Friends 5 Petrilla And Friends 4


Ineke W., Angelika H.-B., Gisela L.,
Sabine Ko., Susanne M., Barbara K.,
Rosemary B., Jutta L.

Maike P., Dagmar K., Evi E.-B.,
Margot H., Silvia R., Doris K.,
Carmen H., Monika A.

Edeltraut K., Monika S., Dagmar T.,
Margrit M., Marie-Luise G., Erika P.,
Sandra K., Monika Sch.

Petrilla And Friends 3 Petrilla And Friends 2 Petrilla And Friends 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern tool box "Piling Up!"

Rosemarie S., Maja M., Heike I.,
Ursula G., Jeanette K., Terry M.,
Marita K.

Helene R., Chantal B., Dany B.,
Marie B., Josette B.,
Pascale D., Francoise G.

Christine O., Guilitta, Sonja T.,
Christl Sch., Manuela W., Sabine K.

Piling Up! 25 Piling Up! 24 Piling Up! 23


Rosemary B., Jeanne G.,
Judy Stone, Marsha

Susan M., Kathy Gentry, Hildegard C.,
Elisabeth R., Heike G., Renate B.

Caroline H., Connie,
Sonja Sch.-D., Renate B.

Piling Up! 22 Piling Up! 21 Piling Up! 20


Gabi G., Dawn D., Cyndi H.,
Arne A., Billie K.,
Petra B., Elfriede K.

Heidrun P., Alice R., Christel G.,
Martina S., Suzanne K., Angela D.,
Bern J.

Jaenneke, Angie, Sonja D.,
Andrea K., Claudia C., Doris S.,
Francisca H., Linda M.

Piling Up! 19 Piling Up! 18 Piling Up! 17


Rosemarie W., Silvia L., Marsha,
Monika, Ulla R., Regina M.

Dorothea M., Cherry, Heidi F.,
Gudrun Sch., Leonore V.,
Sharmond, Grit St.

Britt-Inger J., Birgit H.,
Monika G., Nicole E., Betty

Piling Up! 16 Piling Up! 15 Piling Up! 14


Deb R., Pauline S., Debbie,
Germaine D., Käthe B.,
Margaret K., Sarah K.

Patricia G., Beate K.,
Snoodles, Wendi M.,
Ann E., Sherry S., Jana

Amy B., Katherine,
Charlene S., Rita S.,
Terri, Amira, Rebecca

Piling Up! 13 Piling Up! 12 Piling Up! 11


Robin S., Cynthia S.,
Lindsey, Rachel, Mary W.,
Pauline, Sandie

Sharon D., Elizabeth, Jen D.,
Regena H., Rene, Sharon V.,
Trish, Brenda

Melody M., Sophie D.,
Marjorie, Jane C.

Piling Up! 10 Piling Up! 9 Piling Up! 8


Frances C., Laura H.,
Jody W., Cathy R., Ursula R.

Carol, Anneke, Carrie P.

Gudrun B., Heike M.

Piling Up! 7 Piling Up! 6 Piling Up! 5


Karen M., Marianne A.,
Brigitte W.

Sabine Bleul

Annette Müller

Piling Up! 4 Piling Up! (Sabine Bleul) Piling Up! (Annette Müller)


Jutta Limbach



Piling Up! (Jutta Limbach)    

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the free pattern "Raven with Flying Geese" and the pattern "Cheeky Raven"

Dagmar K., Angelika H., Gabriele B.,
Regina M., Gabi K., Monika T.,
Karin O., Liv J., Petra M.

Martina R., Gisela I., Erika L.,
Deborah C., Regina M., Judith W.,
Kristin K., Monika T.


Raven 25 Raven 24  


Molly W., Martina O., Regina M.,
Bruni G., Gisela E., Mona M.,
Elke H., Steffi Z.

Sharon V., Mel, Angelika H.,
Jris A., Eliette R., Edith G.,
Gudrun N., Linda B.

Ulrike M., Angela N., Birgit E.,
Carmen H., Angela W., Regina M.,
Renate D., Hilde H.

Raven 23 Raven 22 Raven 21


Silke L., Sandra L., Ramona Sch.,
Elisabeth P., Ute F.-Sch.,
Wipke Sch., Elke D., Erika P.

Sabine K., Isolde St., Anja G.,
Dorothee W., Barbara J., Annegret W.,
Anita G., Edeltraut K.

Claudia E., Christine S.,
Pierette, Gabriele G.

Raven 20 Raven 19 Raven 18


Gisela K., Gerlinde A., Daniela E.,
Edith G., Liesel K., Monic H.,
Joke St.

Sabine P., Lori K., Ulrike B.,
Stanislava P., Sylvia W., Karin M.,
Barbara D.,Marion M.

Deborah C., Regina M., Judith W.,
Kristin K., Claudia S., Petra W.,
Birgit G., Maria G.

Raven 17 Raven 16 Raven 15


Karin Sch., Elisabeth M., Annerose G.,
Heike H., Julia M., Elfriede K.,
Anne C., Jutta L.

Uschy H., Doris L., Britta E.,
Alexandra J., Marika J., Britt-Inger J.,
Hannelore K., Marlene Sch.

Romy Z., Astrid F., Daniela F.,
Edith N., Ginny C., Karin B.,
Marianne S., Sybille M.

Raven 14 Raven 13 Raven 12


Martina O., Marlies B., Melitta H.,
Gilla, Silvia R., Steffi F.,
Christine O., Elisabeth R.

Claudia H., Antje D., Heidrun P.,
Stefanie R., Ingrid L., Marielou M.,
Heidi M., Marianne S.

Inge I., Elke G., Angelika A.,
Shirley S., Waltraud T., Eva F.-T.,
Hiltraud Sch., Ingrid Sch.

Raven 11 Raven 10 Raven 9


Dagmar K., Christine O., Gabriele B.,
Irena W., Rita B., Irma F.,
Angelika L., Steffi F.

Gisela E., Ursula S., Viola B.,
Sigrid K., Herta W.-S., Sabine B.,
Angelika N., Doris O.

Maike P., Ingrid D., Patchsilvia,
Bea G., Astrid N., Uta L.,
Gabriele St., Linda P.

Raven 8 Raven 7 Raven 6


Monika M., Jris A., Christine Sch.,
Ottraud T., Regina W., Margot H.,
Ingrid Sch., Sandynette

Roswitha Z., Karin B., Leonore V.,
Ulrike P., Karoline H.,
Bettina F., Ursula W., Maria Sch.

Kathrin K., Evi E.-B., Renate H.,
Susanne M., Iris J.,
Christiane D., Ingrid B., Silvia L.

Raven 5 Raven 4 Raven 3


Heike I., Erika P., Anka B.,
Christine F., Gabi J.,
Sieglinde K.-B., Jeannette K.,
Daniela B.

Patty, Sandra L., Han S.,
Elisabeth P., Rosemarie P.,
Ann E., Evelyn P., Dina O.

Raven 2 Raven 1  

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Red Deer"

Uta B., Ilona G.

Gabi H., Josefine K.,
Natascha R., Marita M.,
Regina G., Sabine K.,
Gisela K.

Birgit H., Regina K., Brigitte R.,
Gertraud L., Rosi Sch., Edith G.,
Uta B., Ursula K.

Red Deer 03 Red Deer 02 Red Deer 01

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the "Runner of The Month" patterns

Petra P., Iris O., Brigitta L.,
Jutta St., Barbara M., Angela K.

Runner of The Month 7    


Andrea M., Brigitte Sch.,
Marita M., Ursi K., Monique F.,
Gabi H., Elisabeth W., Hille H.

Ursula R., Marlies H., Heike Sch.,
Ottraud T., Mechtild S.

Lucia S., Doris K.,
Sieglinde K.-B., Gudrun Sch.,
Petra H., Ricarda L.

Runner of The Month 6 Runner of The Month 5 Runner of The Month  4


Birgit H., Monika S., Elke M.,
Manuela T., Dagmar L., Julia M.,
Irmchen M.

Doris K., Petra M., Waltraud T.,
Sabine B., Annett W., Julia M.,
Marlies H., Barbara D.

Doris K., Helga K., Julià M.,
Margarete M., Dagmar J.,
Heidemarie N.

Runner of The Month 3 Runner of The Month 2 Runner of The Month 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Snowflake"

Nicole S., Martina R.,
Monika Sch., Metsje v.d.H.



Snowflake 1    

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Spring Awakening"

Mechtild S., Rita W.-Sch.

Kerstin A., Elisabeth W., M.-L. M.,
Uta G.


Spring Awakening 5 Spring Awakening 4  


Doris K., Angela N., Saeedeh R.,
Marianne P., Margarete M.,
Karin Sch., Monika W., Edith Sp.

Beate H., Kit J., Edith G.,
Renate N., Jasmin H., Olga H.,
Mona M., Caroline B.

Isolde A., Christl Sch., Anke M.,
Ulrike K., Michaela B., Arne A.,
Claudia M.

Spring Awakening 3 Spring Awakening 2 Spring Awakening 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Spring Is in the Air" (Mystery 2021)

Margarethe Sch.

Heide K., Ute Sch., Silvia L.,
Martina M., Helga H., Regina G.,
Karin Z., Gabi H.

Marianne K., Ulrike W., Luzia W.,
Birgit W., Gabriele B., Anja B.,
Susanne B.

Spring Is in the Air 9 Spring Is in the Air 8 Spring Is in the Air 7


Regina Sch., Silvia R.,
Roswitha K., Margot H.,
Margarete M., Verena K.,
Elke K.

Sabine K., Erika L., Evelin E.-B.,
Brigitte W., Monika S., Sabine B.,
Rosi Sch., Cornelia P.

Marianne Sch., Margot H.,
Angelika A., Ursel L.,
Barbara M., Ingrid K.,
Dorette R., Monika N.

Spring Is in the Air 6 Spring Is in the Air 5 Spring Is in the Air 4


Waltraud T., Felicitas T., Silvia H.,
Elvira W., Edith Sch.,
Sabine Sch., Ellen M.,
Elfriede H.

Iris O., Ulrike G., Ursi K.,
Karin H., Martina K., Brigitte Sch.,
Petra P., Sylvia W.-S.

Ute B., Monique F., Renate J.,
Sabine L., Gabi B., Brigitta L.,
Marion L., Doris F.

Spring Is in the Air 3 Spring Is in the Air 2 Spring Is in the Air 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Spring Mystery"

Monika T., Margarethe Sch.,
Eleonore Sch., Josefine K.,
Rosi Sch., Susanne G.

Debie F., Petra W., Raewyn B.,
Elisabeth P., Maria Sch.,
Steffi Sch., Angela N.,
Erika B., Theresie A.

Jris A., Elke D., Linda,
Philip W., Britta E., Erika K.,
Milana F., Iris D.

Spring Mystery 6 Spring Mystery 5 Spring Mystery 4


Rita B., Ulrike K., Mary Ellen Ch.,
Christel B., Sieglinde P., Birgit D.,
Martina P., Quilthäusle, Marianne Sch.

Christel G., Ann E., Birgit M.,
Christiana L., Margot H., Leonore V.,
Elisabeth P., Waltraut T.

Barbara H., Anka B., Jutta L.,
Heidrun P., Hilde G., Edeltraut K.,
Daniela E., Dagmar K.

Spring Mystery 3 Spring Mystery 2 Spring Mystery 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Spring Whispering"

Barbara B., Gerda L., Susanne M.,
Heidemarie N., Anke W., Siglinde E.,
Beate B.



Spring Whispering 4    


Reingard F., Emanuela K.,
Jan & Ineke S., Ulla R.,
Christiane P., Ursula R., Uta G.

Angelika H.-B., Hasenstall 1,
Hasenstall 2, Ineke + Han, Andrea B.,
Sabine B., Ulrike K., Margarete M.

Unger, Anke D., Monika W.,
Renate J., Iris O., Doris W.,
Dagmar T., Angelika H.

Spring Whispering 3 Spring Whispering 2 Spring Whispering 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Star Flowers" and its variations

Ursula Sch., Marlies H.

Elke V.-B., Dorothee W., Doris K.,
Petra N., Marlies H., Renate B.,
Dagmar L., Elisabeth H.

Angela F., Elke M., Ottraud T.,
Anke M., Christiane G.,
Sabine P., Mia O.

Star Flowers 3 Star Flowers 2 Star Flowers 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Summer Bird House"

Katrin K., Doris K., Ute K.

Anke M., Sabine B., Monika M.


Summer Bird House 1 Summer Birdhouse  

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Sun in My Garden"

Han S., Elisabeth P., Carmen P.,
Tanja K., Rosi Sch., Sonja G.,
Dagmar T.

Elke H., Klaudia L., Elisabeth K.,
Annette G., Helga K., Ricarda L.


Sun in My Garden 2 Sun in My Garden 1  

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern series "The Smell of Coffee"

Angelika H., Beate B., Ingrid J.,
Ursula R., Elisabeth W., Angelika M.



The Smell of Coffee 39 (Finished Quilts)    


Anne W., Elke M., Doris W.,
Christine H., Sylvia U., Kerstin A.

Brigitte W., Gabi H., Ute Sch.,
Karin H., Christiane P., Brigitte Sch.,
Susanne J., Ulrike W.

Monika R., Rosi Sch., Ulrike K.,
Elvira W., Natascha R., Elfriede L.,
Sabine K., Heidi K.

The Smell of Coffee 38 (Finished Quilts) The Smell of Coffee 37 (Finished Quilts) The Smell of Coffee 36 (Finished Quilts)


Benita E., Erika L., Lydia R.,
Gudrun Sch., Katrin H., Elfriede K.,
Ulrike S.-Z., Ruth E.

Katrin H., Anita D., Claudia L.,
Monique F., Christina V., Silke J.,
Gudrun Sch., Erika K., Brix T.

Karin B., Irmchen M., Marlies H.,
Ulla R., Ursula R., Eve M.,
Iris O., Agnes W.-N.

The Smell of Coffee 35 (Finished Quilts) The Smell of Coffee 34 (Finished Quilts) The Smell of Coffee 33 (Finished Quilts)

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the free pattern "Tulips"

Karin O., Ilga G., Iris O.,
Carmen-Anna K., Rita W.-Sch.,
Kathrin Sch.

Anja P., Monika T., Gabi B.,
Petra Sch., Regina R.,
Christel G., Kerstin K., Antje D.

Tulips 8 Tulips 7  


Susanne M., Regina K., Barb P.,
Uta W., Kathrin P., Juliane W.,
Moyra T., Elke B.

Bernhilde R., Claudia G., Sabine H.,
Regina H., Sylvia H., Ulla R.,
Amanda W.

Kathleen H., Irmgard B., Angela N.,
Irmchen M., Ingrid Sch., Heidi K.,
Gunda B., Theresie A.

Tulips 6 Tulips 5 Tulips 4


Irmgard B., Regina M., Tanja M.-K.,
Ute K., Margrit S., Chantal S.,
Ramona R., Jana D.

Sandra L., Gizella V.,
Agnès W., Anna R., Michaela B.,
Rita D., Elfriede E., Priska W.

Renate D., Guilitta, Eva K.,
Maja M., Susanne N., Gabi K.,
Irma St., Ute Ka.

Tulips 3 Tulips 2 Tulips 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Under The White And Blue Bavarian Sky"

Helga S., Gaby A.

Susanne M., Magdalena A., Laura M.,
Diana L., Uta G., Joanna K.

Under The White And Blue Bavarian Sky 2 Under The White And Blue Bavarian Sky 1  

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the patterns from the "Vegetable Box"

Monique F., Sabine B., Karin H.,
Ulrike B., Eve M., Gabriele A.

Sigi D., Monika G., Monique F.,
Eve M., Kerstin A.

Vegetable Box 2 Vegetable Box 1  

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the patterns "Wee Tomcat" and "Kimmie"

Annette R., Anett H., Anke W.

Susanne D., Barb P., Laureen Z.,
Else G., Anette P., Mieke G.,
Yvonne V.


Wee Tomcat 5 Wee Tomcat 4  


Bärbel M., Gerlinde R., Edwina F.,
Norma St., Andrea D., Eva K.,
Anne V., Birgit H.

Gudrun N., Maggie S., Susanne L.,
Gisela B., Diana A., Vicky R.,
Monika T., Silvia L.

Cathy G., Veri, Gudrun B.,
Silvia L., Doris K., Silvia B.,
Waltraud T., Heike Sch.

Wee Tomcat 3 Wee Tomcat 2 Wee Tomcat 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Well Shielded"

Gertraud L., Brigitte T., Christina Sch.,
Sabine B., Regina Z., Doris W.,
Rosemarie E.



Well Shielded 7    


Erika K., Marlies H., Martina M.,
Philip W., Anja B., Anita G.,
Gabi H., Angelika A.

Birgit K., Dorothee W., Katerina J.,
Karin H., Margot H., Norma St.,
Monika T., Andrea L.

Erika K., Kerstin A., Regina G.,
Christina V., Rosi Sch., Petra P.,
Margot H., Dorothea B.

Well Shielded 6 Well Shielded 5 Well Shielded 4


Ottraud T., Monika N., Margarete M.,
Benita E., Edith L., Sabine B.,
Monika T., Helga H.

Stefanie J., Gabriele B., Angelika H.-B.,
Barbara St., Iris O., Renate J.,
Anette U., Birgit D.

Edith Sch., Eva E., Herta R.,
Waltraud T., Regina R., Sabine Sch.,
Jutta S., Anita M.

Well Shielded 3 Well Shielded 2 Well Shielded 1

to list of patterns to list of patterns

Based on the pattern "Year of Flowers"

Erika K., Veronika D., Kaureen R.

Heidemarie N., Barbara W., Gerda L.


Year of Flowers 20 Year of Flowers 19



Regina Sch., Konstanze A.,
Brigitte Sch., Stefanie M.,
Marie M., Kerstin A.,
Isabel H., Iris O.

Konstanze A., Ulrike W., Iris O.,
Mona K., Renate W.

Heidemarie N., Sonja G., Michel L.,
Deborah H., Marianne E., Gerda L.,
Brigitte Sch.

Year of Flowers 18 Year of Flowers 17 Year of Flowers 16


Marianne P., Mühlenquilter, Morgan I.,
Margarethe Sch., Elke Le., Tina W.,
Anita M., Renate W.

Lausitzer Hobbyquilter

Doris S., Gertrud S., Christa St.,
Morgan I., Ruth B.

Year of Flowers 15 Year of Flowers 14 Year of Flowers 13


Eve M., Karin H., Ursula S.,
Margret K., Gundela L., Felizitas T.,
Gudrun S., Iris S.

Christa W., Erika L., Renate R.

Chris E., Barbara W., Ursula N.,
Margarete M., Elke H., Lilo Z.

Year of Flowers 12 Year of Flowers 11 Year of Flowers 10


Jris A., Margarethe Sch.,
Sabine K.'s Gruppe, Erika B.,
Margarethe Sch., Marion D.,
Monika M., Christa St.

Roswitha G., Wipke Sch.,
Margit L.'s Gruppe, Margot R.,
Helga K., Jane D.,
Andrea Sch., Helga J.

Ute K., Siegriet Sch., Quilteve,
Monique F., Marianne R.-Sch.,
Birgit W., Jane W., Evelin Z.

Year of Flowers 9 Year of Flowers 8 Year of Flowers 7


Monika M., Marita L., Marleen W.,
Jane D., Philip W., Monika K.,
Waltraud T., Marie-Theres A.

Judith T., Sharon V., Maria B.,
Tonny E., Sonja H., Carmen P.

Elisabeth W., Irmchen M., Irmgard B.,
Margit L., Chantal S.-L., Anita G.

Year of Flowers 6 Year of Flowers 5 Year of Flowers 4


Annie K., Barbara J., Bep P.,
Edeltraut K., Elke D., Els B., Jane D.

Irene E., Chantal S.-L., Marita L.,
Christel Z., Margaret, Doris K.,
Angelika C.

Irmgard M., Gudrun Sch.,
Ina G., Mandy F., Patricia D.

Year of Flowers 3 Year of Flowers 2 Year of Flowers 1

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