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Patterns by Request

Block pattern for Paper Piecing and/or Appliqué

Sometimes I am drawing a special pattern by request of an individual quilter. By and by I will publish these patterns here. Some will be free forever, some only for a limited time. EQ files are available for selected blocks. Block size may vary.

Lebkuchenmann down Ginger Bread Man
Singer Sewing Machine down Singer Sewing Machine
Piled Jars down Piled Jars
Fire Extinguisher down Fire Extinguisher

If you are looking for something specific feel free to Mail ask.

Files with a .pj7 extension are only for use with Electric Quilt software.

Make sure your printer's scaling option is set to "none" to print the correct size.

As always: Check out my to site tips for paper piecing.

If you have used one of my patterns in a quilt or other item, why don't you send me a picture for the guest gallery?

Ginger Bread Man

Two Paper Piecing patterns; each 15 x 15 cm (~6" x 6") plus seam allowances

Ginger Bread Man 1 Ginger Bread Man 2

Can you smell him? Hmmm ... Marianne Sch. gave the inspiration to the X-mas version. Thank you, Marianne!

Ginger Bread Man 3
Design suggestion

On this table topper the Ginger Bread Men are marching in rows. Embellish each in a different way!

Free Download:

gingerbreadman.pdf (182 KB)      gingerbreadman.pj7 (59 KB)

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Singer Sewing Machine

Paper Piecing pattern 20 x 15 cm (~8" x 6") plus seam allowances

Singer Sewing Machine

For antique enthusiasts.

Free Download:

singer_en.pdf (162 KB)      singer_en.pj7 (8 KB)

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Piled Jars

Paper Piecing pattern 16 x 24 cm (~6 ½" x 9 ½")

Piled Jars 1 Piled Jars 2
Sewn by Brigitte W.

A big jar block swap called for a pile of shifting jars. The special charm was the huge collection of fruit and vegetable themed fabrics every participant received. But with some ambitioned fabric and free block collecting from the web you will be able to make your own storage shelf.

Pattern Download:

piled_jars.pdf (165 KB)      piled_jars.pj7 (84 KB)

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Fire Extinguisher

Paper Piecing pattern with appliqué; 15 x 15 cm (~6"x6")

Fire Extinguisher 1 Fire Extinguisher 2
Sewn by Monika M.

nee-naw nee-naw ... To honor and please all fire fighters make a real "hot" set of mug rugs!

Pattern Download:

fire_extinguisher.pdf (141 KB)      fire_extinguisher.pj7 (11 KB)

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If you would like to be notified when new patterns are published, send me an Mail email.


These patterns are intended exclusively for your own personal use.
Distribution and commercial use (e.g. sale of quilts based on the patterns) are expressly prohibited.

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