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Runner of the Month November: Flying umbrellas and foliage

Umbrellas 1
design suggestion

Paper Piecing Patterns 15 x 15 cm and 5 x 5 cm
Appliqué templates 5 x 5 cm

Umbrellas 2



The autumn storms roll and swirl not only the colorful umbrellas around, but the fallen leaves as well!

The leaves can be paper-pieced or done in applique. Sew two fabrics right sides together and turn them inside out - now your leaves can dangle loosely from a table runner or wall hanging.

You can also keep your umbrella for April of course and even combine it with the sun umbrella from the to site Garden Fun pattern ...

Pattern Download:

umbrella.pdf (151 KB)      umbrella.pj7 (67 KB)

Files with a .pj7 extension are only for use with Electric Quilt software.

Make sure your printer's scaling option is set to "none" to print the correct size.

As always: Check out my to site tips for paper piecing.


This pattern is intended exclusively for your own personal use.
Distribution and commercial use (e.g. sale of quilts based on the patterns) are expressly prohibited.

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