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A pattern toolbox for paper piecing and/or appliqué.

Piling-Up! 1

You can pile up these little bowls as high as you like. This way you can make a loooong bell pull for calling the staff a la "Upstairs, Downstairs". You'll have to find your own butler, though.

You could also make about 6"x6" blocks with 1 to 4 bowls and arrange them horizontally for a long shelf. Or arrange blocks of various sizes as a quilt top.

Piling-Up! 2

You have the choice of a paper piecing or appliqué pattern. With a decorative band or without. All bowls with the same glaze or all different - whichever you like best.

Add some flowers to decorate. In the gallery you can have a look at my quilts to site Spring Fever and to site Piling Up! (Hochstapelei) In the to site Guest Gallery you can find even more ideas how to make use of the bowls.

Piling-Up! 3


New: For those of you who like to be fussy I added a rounded variation of the base bowl.

Piling-Up! 4


Even newer: Instructions on how to pile really crooked and an additional broken bowl block ...

Piling-Up! 5


e-pattern (PDF): 7,00 €

The pattern consist of two files with 14 (!) pages full of foundations, variations and sewing tips.

(1)   Includes shipping charges in Germany. Foreign delivery upon inquiry.
Sale into non-European foreign countries is only possible through PayPal. Your payment via PP is free and easy, I have used it for years without any problems. You may create an account during the payment process.

If you want to purchase the pattern, Mail email me.

These patterns are intended exclusively for your own personal use.
Distribution and commercial use (e.g. sale of quilts based on the patterns) are expressly prohibited.

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