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Quilted patchwork is ideal for table runners. My goal is to have a matching decorative piece on my dining table each month. On this page there will gradually appear more patterns - there are, after all, twelve months to equip.

Runner of the Month February: Primerose

Paper Piecing Pattern 15 x15 cm

design suggestion

When cold winds are blowing and even snow is falling at the beginning of the year it is time to look forward to those colorful primeroses! Here February is the carnival month. Sprinkle some confetti and high spirits on your table with this potpourri of Primeroses.

See my tabe runner and pillow in the to site gallery.

raid the scrap baskets
This is a pattern to raid the scrap baskets!

Price for e-pattern (PDF or EQ7 project) 3,00 €

If you want to purchase the pattern, Mail email me.

Runner of the Month September: Apple

Paper Piecing Pattern 15 x15 cm

Apple 2
Design suggestion

In September we are looking forward to the apple harvest. The healthy and delicious fruit is also nice-looking!

You may download to site this pattern for free!
If you got appetite for more go to this to site apple garden.

Runner of the Month October: Autumn Foliage - Oak

Paper Piecing Pattern 15 x15 cm

Autumn Foliage - Oak
design suggestion

When autumn leaves are falling I always like to collect some. Unfortunately they dry out and crinkle soon. Leaves from fabric are long lasting and bring back the beauty each year if stitched i.e. into a table runner.

You may download to site this pattern for free!

Runner of the Month November: Flying umbrellas and foliage

Paper Piecing Patterns 15 x15 cm and 5 x 5 cm
Appliqué templates 5 x 5 cm

Umbrellas 1
design suggestion

The autumn storms roll and swirl not only the colorful umbrellas around, but the fallen leaves as well!

You may download to site this pattern for free!

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