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Spring Mystery 2015 - A Hen Named Petrilla

Petrilla 1 Petrilla 2

Paper Piecing Pattern
Finished block size: 20 x 20 cm plus seam allowances

It is impossible to give exact fabric requirements for this paper piecing block. Except the plaid you will need just scraps.

Make sure that all fabrics contrast to each other.

Download basic instructions:

spring_mystery_2015_part_1.pdf (121 KB)

Missed some parts?

Here is your chance to get them:

I want you to sew!

I know quilters love to collect. But this pattern is made for sewing! So send me a picture or a to site scanned image of your already sewn parts (right side up) and I will send the missed pattern pieces in return!


If you send me a photo from your finished Petrilla project I will give you the original pattern without the distracting mix up. Then you can easily sew hens galore!.

Want More Hens?

Petrilla and friends

The hen drawing was so much fun that I couldn't stop at all. More hens, a rooster, chicks and eggs - all ingredients for a large chicken run: Petrilla And Friends. All in all there will be 13 blocks in different sizes; six hens, a rooster and chicks and eggs.

Petrilla, Henni and Lotta

Besides Petrilla so far two more hens are sewn: Henni and Lotta.

The entire pattern set with all hens etc. is to site here.

Make sure your printer's scaling option is set to "none" to print the correct size.

As always: Check out my to site tips for paper piecing.


Copyright: These patterns are intended exclusively for your own personal use.
Distribution and commercial use (e.g. sale of quilts based on the patterns) are expressly prohibited.

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