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Preventing the "Shrinking Block" (12.09.2008)

Many paper pieced blocks are assembled from several segments. Every one of these seams takes up a little fabric, even if you have followed to site this tip. As a result, your finished block might end up a little smaller than intended. This is what you can do:

Before cutting your foundations use a highlighter to mark the seam allowances that are going to be at the outer edge of the block. You'll hardly miss these marks later on.

Mark the seam allowances

After sewing a segment, trim the fabric even with the foundation's seam allowance - except at the previously marked edges. Here you want to add 1/8" - 1/4".

Seam allowance at the previously marked edges

Don't remove the paper until your block is complete and you want to sew it to your top. Iron carefully on the back and cut finally to desired size.

If you are sewing 15 cm blocks (metric measurement) the to site Quicker Trimmer will be helpful.


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