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The Quicker Trimmer (05.12.2010)

Easy trimming of 15 x 15 cm plus 0,75 cm seam allowance

For really large and very small blocks we have square rulers that make it easy to accuratly trim a block including seam allowances. But what about blocks with a finished size of 15 x 15 cm, that is 16,5 x 16,5 cm unfinished?

The small ruler is too small. You will need to use a second ruler or the (inaccurate) lines of your cutting mat. I don't find the large square ruler very handy at this point and I have to look at the many angled lines very carefully to make sure I hit the right ones!

Square ruler 1




My solution is as brilliant as it is simple:

A square 16,5 x 16,5 cm ruler.
For use with rotary cutters of course.

Square ruler 2




Exact, with a clear layout and easy to use.

Square ruler 3




See at a glance where your seamlines will be.
Helps to avoid cutting off the tips of your patterns.

Square ruler 4




Has few lines to show center point and diagonals exactly.
Useful for geometric patterns.

Square ruler 10



New! Now including lines for 10 and 5 centimeter blocks. Useful too for trimming quick triangle blocks to size.

to site This way to the tip on paper pieced quick triangles.

Square ruler 5




The nine patch crosshairs make horizontal and vertical alignment easy.

Square ruler 6




Know the Rule of Thirds? As in photography you may use it for fuzzy cutting.
A motif placed on one of the four intersecting cross lines will always create a pleasing layout.

Square ruler 7




Lines are visible even on black fabric.

Square ruler 8




Last but not least: A hole for hanging.

If you want some leeway for cutting your paper pieced blocks look at to site this tip!

Ruler 16,5 x 16,5 cm 13,20 €
International Shipping 4,50 €

If you want to purchase the ruler, Mail email me.

When ordering along with a printed pattern postage will be reduced.


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