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Block patterns for Paper Piecing

By and by I will publish various bird patterns. The may add to the to site Garden Birds collection or be used individual.
Block size may vary. Some patterns contain an additional appliqué version.

Go to the to site Guest Gallery to see projects based on these patterns.

Spotted Woodpecker

Paper Piecing Pattern 20 x 20 cm

Spotted Woodpecker 1
Design suggestion
Spotted Woodpecker Barbara M.
Barbara M. has already sewn it.

This beautiful bird flew in on special request.

e-pattern as PDF or EQ7-project 3,00 €


Paper Piecing pattern
Block size 15 x 15 cm

Blackbird Blackbird Applikation

The block fits in the to site Garden Birds. Also a soloist the bird is cutting a fine figure. Appliqué pattern and zigzag border are included.

e-pattern as PDF or EQ7-project 3,00 €

Cheeky Raven

Easy Paper Piecing pattern
Raven with scarf or neckpiece, both mirrored versions included.
Block size 20 x 20 cm

Cheeky Raven 1

This soloist is the star of the show! See also the projects in to site my gallery and the to site Guest Gallery.

Cheeky Raven 2

The mirrored variations allow to play with relationships ... Make a flock of Ravens!

e-pattern as PDF or EQ7-project 3,00 €

German Bird of The Year 1973 and 2009

Paper Piecing and appliqué pattern 15 x 15 cm

Kingfisher 1 Kingfisher 2

See also Regina M.'s work in the to site Guest Gallery.

The Kingfisher may present the caught fish with head or tail in front.

e-pattern, PP and appliqué bird as PDF or EQ7-project 3,00 €


Paper Piecing pattern 25x25 cm and 15x15cm (~10x10" and 6x6")

Kiwi 1

For a rectangular block like mine cut the upper edge after sewing.

Kiwi 2

The small block got simplified feet.

e-pattern, both sizes as PDF or EQ7-project 3,00 €


Two Paper Piecing blocks 15 x 15 cm (~6"x6")


e-pattern, both owls as PDF 3,00 €

Snow Birds

Three appliqué patterns

Two blocks 15 x 15 cm (~6"x6"); one block 30x 30 cm (~12"x12")

Schneekehlchen Great Tit in winter Feed house in the snow
e-pattern, all three winter birds as PDF 3,00 €


Paper Piecing plus appliqué pattern; 15 x 15 cm (≈6"x6")


e-pattern, PP and appliqué bird as PDF or EQ7-project 3,00 €

For easy trimming of 15 x 15 cm blocks I recommend the to site Quicker Trimmer.

More suggestions for arranging collected blocks are in this to site tip and in the to site guest gallery.

Mail Email me if you prefer my ready-to-sew PDF version for 20 x 20 cm blocks.

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