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Suggestions for arranging collected blocks (16.01.2009)

Every month in 2008 I published a new paperpieced flower block.
For easy trimming of 15 x 15 cm blocks I recommend the to site Quicker Trimmer.
Here are some suggestions what to do with mine or other collected blocks:

Irmgard Malowitz realized a very special idea: drapes!

Collected blocks as drapes

See more pictures of Irmgard's work in the to site guest gallery.

Erika Loacker sent in the following idea:

"Add a solid color sashing to all flower blocks, approx. 1 inch wide. Then cut squares the size of the sashed flower blocks from your background fabric. Assemble the quilt top by alternating the flower blocks and the plain blocks. Quilt a leaf motif into the plain blocks. It's quite simple as the beautiful flowers should take center stage."

It could look like this:

Suggestion 1

... or like this, with a classic sashed setting:

Suggestion 2

Manuele Keenan has a great idea, too. She wants to alternate the flowers with classical Irish Chain blocks. By using the background fabrics in the flower blocks, they will appear set on point.

Suggestion 3

Gudrun Schulze without further ado planted a flowerbed.

Suggestion 4

Mandy Freiberger from Omaha, Nebraska, USA arranged the flowers in a wreath. As she wanted to give the quilt as a Christmas gift, she substituted my yet unavailable hellebore with a rose of her own. It came out great!

Suggestion 5

You can group the flower blocks into sets of three, which then turn into a kind of calendar or seasonal set. The individual blocks could be arranged either horizontally or vertically to make a small wallhanging.

Suggestion 6
Sewn by Patricia Denk

... or you could turn them into mini quilts and hang them with the help of ribbons. You could also display the individual flower quilts on small easels.

Ina Grewe has sewn pennants that will be changed throughout the year:

Suggestion 7

If you have any more great ideas - Mail send me your descriptions, sketches or photos for this site.

My current free patterns are zur Seite here.


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